1. T H IS  I S  W H E N  T H E  C O L O R  I S  A D D E D

When your hair is bleached, the pigment is being taken out. The toner is what is used after this to add in the desired tones to the hair, whether it’s icy or golden! It’s actually the most important part of the coloring process, this can make the difference to you walking out of the salon with yellow brassy locks or a golden creamy mane.


2 . I T ’ S  N O T  P E R M A N E N T

Hair toners aren’t a permanent color, they can last up to six weeks depending on a variety of things. Hair that hasn’t been colored before tends to grab color a lot better than heavily processed locks. This is why there is so many different shampoos for color care at home. It’s so important to make sure you have a specific shampoo for your color at home to ensure you can maintain your desired color for as long as possible between appointments.

p.s if you’re washing your hair everyday, your toner will fade fast. As ever, the longer time you can build in-between washes without hitting grease city, the better. 

3 . N O T  J U S T  F O R  B L O N D E S

Toners can be used on any colored hair, and even on uncolored hair to add a serious high gloss! They’re mainly used for tone correction so you can achieve that warm brown or icy blonde but if you want to maintain your natural color but add an amazing gloss then acid based toners can be used and they won’t even touch your mane color!

So next time your hairdresser starts talking about toners and what kind of shade you’re wanting to go for, you’ll know exactly what’s about to go down.